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Monthly Archives: August 2010

A Change of Mind

One of the nice options of digital scrapbooking is that you can change your mind. I created this page: and it is my template, my paper and elements…. but somehow it just wasn’t right.  I went looking for templates that had pictures in those two spots.  I found this template: I decided to try it … Continue reading »

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What is a plug-in?

According to Wikipedia, a plug-in is: In computing, a plug-in is a set of software components that adds specificcapabilities to a larger software application. If supported, plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application. In terms of graphic software, plug-ins allow us to extend our creativity. There are plug-ins specific to photos and photo editing. … Continue reading »

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3D? Is it really necessary?

Sheet of paper, layout on paper, pretty much a 2D effect. But you can give the impression of a third dimension with bevels and drop shadows. The most important is the drop shadow. This is what will make it seem like your elements and photos are popping off the page. Below is a section without … Continue reading »

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Lions, Tigers, Bears… oh no… Wand, box, photo, invert, delete… oh yes

Huh? Those the steps I take time after time after time when doing layouts. Remember I use Paint Shop Pro (PSP)! Here, let me take you through it… I’m going to use template216 from Andrea Gold. I bring the template up into PSP and select the layer I’m going to be working with. It is … Continue reading »

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A Raster what? A Vector who?

You can look at a raster graphic and a vector graphic side by side and know which one is which almost immediately. Raster images/graphics are determined by pixels. Raster images can be comprised of millions of colors. If you zoom in very close you will see individual blocks of color that when printed out at … Continue reading »

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Element Blues

Still working on the Karate pages.  I had some specific items in mind.  Getting them to actually look nice was a hard feat.  Luckily Tink has helped me yet again.  There are a couple of different ‘plug-in’ programs you can get to help you with your work in PSP.  One is SuperBladePro and another is … Continue reading »

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Copyright don’ts

You’re scrapping now. Been busy downloading free kits from the net and possibly making some purchases along the way too. Once those pages are done you, naturally, want to show them off. So you upload them to your blog, facebook, website, etc. Perfectly acceptable. And it is a sign of respect to acknowledge where you … Continue reading »

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One Step at A Time

I’m trying to do a layout for my boys.  They recently received their blue belts in Martial Arts and for them, that is half way to Junior black belts.  Big milestone.  It happened at a big event at a Nordstroms.  Lots of demonstrations by all the kids (big and small).  I thought it would be … Continue reading »

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Formats, names, oh my

Lets talk formats first. I’m going to be perfectly honest here. Up until recently I never saved my layouts in either the .psd or .pspimage format. I do now. Especially looking back at all the spelling and grammatical errors I have made. And I use the .psd (Photoshop) format because it can be opened in … Continue reading »

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So you want more?

I am no means an expert on Paintshop Pro. But I will be sharing what I do know from time to time or will answer any questions to the best of my ability or resources. But if you would like to get a weekly tip of obscure facts about psp, then hop on over to … Continue reading »

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