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Monthly Archives: November 2010

You’ve Been Framed

Many of the kits you will get come with a frame or even several. Occasionally, though, you may come across one that doesn’t or that the frame in the kit isn’t exactly what you are looking for or doesn’t fit the picture you want to use. Fortunately PSP offers a couple of easy solutions to … Continue reading »

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Did you enjoy the Black Friday sales?

I spent way to much money.  The black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were awesome.  Kits I have wanted for a while were as low as $1.  I think I spent around $80.  EEEEEK. How about you?  Did you go crazy on getting great deals on digital scrapbooking items?  If so, what was your favorite? 

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An Awarding Experience

I don’t have an award so I will be using a picture of my granddaughter’s Kokeshi doll. Just pretend it’s an award, okay? The first thing we need to do is “cut out” the award from the background. You can find out how to do this from either Change to Target or Smidge Here, Smudge … Continue reading »

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Only pic I have

We all have those times when we have taken pictures but every one of them, it seems, have turned out bad. But we don’t want to get rid of the memories; so what do you do. Below you will see a picture my granddaughter and her friend took on skype for the last sleepover they … Continue reading »

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Happy Thanksgiving

Tink and I have been busy the last couple of days.  Hence the slowdown on the posting.  She always post more than I do because she has been at it longer and she is teaching me.  Still, I will get out here and try to walk you along my path of insanity.  Right now I’m … Continue reading »

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Year Round

As you begin your foray into the digital scrapbook world one of the terms that will come up quite often is “365 Project” or “Project 365”. I believe it originated within the photography community then migrated into the scrapbooking community. But I could be wrong. It is a challenge. One that requires (or at least … Continue reading »

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Texting in the Round

Even old folks like me from time to time can learn new tricks. I have always used the floating text when applying with a vector shape. But the Bug (who else) had seen someone use a vector text on a vector shape but didn’t understand it. So after half a night of playing with it, … Continue reading »

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Daily ministrations

Now that the kids have moved I realize how much I regret not taking at least one picture a day to see how life really was when they were here instead of relying on just my memory. We all get busy with home, work and school and don’t stop to jot down those little things … Continue reading »

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A smidge here & a smudge there

A wee more on cut-outs. The tools: paintbrush and the smudge selection from the tool below the paint brush. Chose your photo and crop to the area you are wanting to use on your scrapbook page. Right click on the layer in the layer palette and promote to layer. Hold down the shift key and … Continue reading »

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Color my world

The Bug has asked, yet another question, which I find difficult to answer. But one that should at least be addressed… background colors on pictures. She realizes, from trial and error, that blue is a good color for her fair skinned and haired boys, but want she wanted to know was about dark hair and … Continue reading »

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