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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Gift Box Galore

There are so many places you can get patterns for gift boxes.  I was looking for something specific and I found it… In fact, it has 36 different patterns from book boxes to bon bon to cake slices.  Wow.  If you need something quick and are fairly good at figuring stuff out yourself, here is … Continue reading »

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Christmas Crafts

Around here, today is the last day of school before the holiday vacation. I know my sister, the Bug, is going to be looking for something to keep those little hands busy and inexpensive ways to decorate. ScrapMatters has a tutorial on making a cute little ornament. It reminded me of the ones my son … Continue reading »

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The Holidays

I don’t have anything about psp to post today. Sorry. It has already been a hectic week and soon to get even more so. I’m sure you understand. The holidays and all. Trying to get the computer room straightened up for the kids coming in on Friday and Christmas parties to attend. I’ll try and … Continue reading »

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Trip to Memory Lane

We’ve all seen them. Those photos which have the essence of the past in a sepia or monotone color and just a splash of an original color. This is how it is done. Open document. New layer. On new layer, lower opacity and paint those areas you want to keep at the original color. Control+a, … Continue reading »

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Pop goes the

Picture… Crop your image to desired size and area. Promote to layer (layers>promote background layer). Using rectangle marquee, chose the area around the object you want popped out. Promote to layer. Select background layer again and delete. Open new layer above the promoted selection, lower opacity and paint the area you want popping out. Using … Continue reading »

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A sharper image

Today’s post is going to short. Bug had asked me about unsharp mask and while I am fully capable of saying what it is, there are more than a few sites that describe in much more detail than I could. The one I recommend is ScanTips. It is detailed enough and yet easy enough for … Continue reading »

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Acceptably Sharp

Ok, Tink mentioned I do depth of field differently than she does… and she is correct.  Mainly because I never thought to ask her before now how she did it.  Let’s take this picture to start with and say I want to emphasize car number 7 (the white one). I would use the Freehand Selection … Continue reading »

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Depth of …

Field… I know you did some on it, but I was trying to figure out when was the best time to utilize it. Like I saw a couple walking by in the background of norstroms and I’m not going to try and cut them out and recreate the background. It wasn’t worth it. I ended … Continue reading »

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All Torn Up

Before we start anything, I want to wish my darling husband, Pan, the best of birthday wishes. Happy Birthday, honey. Torn paper… normally I would leave that up to the experts but I have had a request and my attempts at trying to locate a psp tutorial have come to naught. That doesn’t mean they … Continue reading »

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Sweeping up

For this you will need to download the torn paper brushes from deviantArt. I believe they are on page 5. Next go to your “My Documents>My PSP Files>Brushes. Open a new folder in brushes and name it deviantart. Open the torn brush zip you downloaded and select the 4 psp.brush files. Drag them to the … Continue reading »

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