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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I need a storage unit

I know we have talked about photo organization, at least I thought we had, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. So this is going to be a quick “how I do it”. And just remember you may have a better way, you may prefer to use the software that comes with your camera … Continue reading »

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Go with the Theme Part 2

When first posed with the question from Bug about using a theme, I had written the post Go with the Theme, then recently realized that I totally digressed from my suggestions in said post. So you see it isn’t absolutely necessary to follow a theme. Okay, there is a theme going on here, the flowers; … Continue reading »

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Bug’s Week 5 of February – 365 project

Phew.  Finally got it done… no journalling, but pictures in a template… Here it is: template: cbj_365_temp_Week34 Another week down and more to go… I’ve got a part time job outside the home now and it is really killing my time to scrap.  I need to figure out how to balance all of this!

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What to journal

When your a scrapping several pages about one event, you may find that you have run out of things to say. Like in my Georgia aquarium series. On a couple of pages, I will be “journaling” about some of the sea life we had seen. On this page I wrote about the sea urchins Indy … Continue reading »

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Long past? Your past

In your eagerness to scrap those moments of your current life; don’t forget to take the time to scrap those past moments. Old flames, best friends long gone. While they may not still be in your life, they were once a part of it and contributed to who you became. Make sure to include some … Continue reading »

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It’s all in the background work

Sometimes you just want something a little different. In Mode of Operation we used the blending modes on text; in Show me the way, on maps to be used in the background. You can also use it with photos, as seen below. This works especially well with photos that didn’t turn out just as you … Continue reading »

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Go with the Theme

Bug’s Question: Putting pages together… use the same ‘theme’ / kit of papers and elements or do something different for each one. Why or why not? Again this is a matter of choice. I may not use the same kit for each page; but I do try to use complimentary kits. Let’s take my Atlanta … Continue reading »

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Do it over in February

Gotta Pixel has a Do Over challenge every month. I think I will start posting my before and after here after each make over so you can see how your styles will change over the course of the years. My original is okay. Not outstanding. I managed to put in some journaling which is a … Continue reading »

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Bad Hair Day

Bug’s Question: How do you fix someone’s hair? Me: I’m not a beautician, so I don’t. There are minor fixes you can try, but remember if you really want to have great hair in your picture, have it done beforehand. I’m going to start with a picture of my daughter. Lots of fly away hair. … Continue reading »

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Bug’s Week 4 of January – Project 365

Yep, I’m way behind.  It was a busy boy week 4.  Karate 3 times that week as well as cub scout den meeting AND cub scout Field trip to the museum.  Phew.  The copier was when I went to school and did some volunteer work that week as well.  Here we go:   The bad … Continue reading »

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