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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Don’t be afraid

to use a lot of a bright color. Especially if it brings out a spot of color in a photo (Brindel’s orange shirt). It also compliments Nuke’s brown shirt, while the matting is nearly the same color as Milady’s shirt. And because of the dark walls behind my subjects the pictures really stand out against … Continue reading »

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The Five W’s

You remember from them from school, don’t you? The Who, What, When, Where & Why. As you are journaling it is important to try and include each in the text. Of course, you are going to include the who and the what, but sometimes we forget about the when, where and why. Using the page … Continue reading »

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Don’t make my mistake

When you are including information that you have gotten off the web or from a book, make sure you include the information on your page, in the info box of your graphics program or in the caption. You never know when you, your child or your grandchild may need that info for further research and … Continue reading »

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What the Flick

Is a challenge at Gotta Pixel. You are given a movie poster and challenged to make a layout using it as your inspiration. A recent poster gave me the idea to do a page explaining the Japanese 7-5-3 Festival celebrated for children in Japan. This was important to me as one of my granddaughters is … Continue reading »

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Historically correct?

One of the things we need to be including in our scrapbooking is information about our ancestors. For years I thought our great grandmother immigrated from Sweden. Now it appears it was her father that immigrated and she was born in Mississippi. But that may be incorrect as well. So far no documentation has arisen … Continue reading »

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Bug’s Week 7 of February – 365 project

Eeek.  I’m falling behind again.  At least I remembered to do the journaling on this one! Template by Andrea Gold temp501sq font: BluePlateSpecialSW Something I have discovered working a part time job outside of the home… when I get home I just want to sit quietly.  No scrapping, no genealogy, no housework… just sit.  Hope … Continue reading »

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Drag it then Drop it

Just a short post today. I have been considering how to approach the subject of “drag and drop” when I came across Creation Cassel’s video on it. Since I plan on using the phrase from here on out I would like you to take a moment to watch it. It doesn’t last long. Creation Cassel’s … Continue reading »

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Cartoon Classics

Okay, I broke down and bought Photoshop Elements 9. And I will be the first to admit that it is cool with cool features, but is not nearly as user friendly as Paintshop Pro. Still it came a link to Photoshop Elements Techniques Learning Center website which includes a free download of a sample of … Continue reading »

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Do it over in March

It’s that time again. Time to pick another old layout and see what I can do to improve it. This time I chose an Easter layout I did of my nephews (Bug’s boys) way back in 2007. While it has the pastel colors associated with Easter it just doesn’t flow properly. The layout was about … Continue reading »

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Let’s embellish that, shall we?

Bug’s question: How do you merge a digital layout with a paper layout? Good question. And this is where saving your layout is the psd or pspimage format really becomes a time saver, especially if you are going to be printing out the elements from your page. And that is what we are going to … Continue reading »

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