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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Look Around

While it may seem silly to take a picture of the top of a garbage bag or half-melted candle, these pictures can still evoke strong memories in the future. Can you remember when garbage bags didn’t have the tie handles? I can. I remember the straps with serrated edges that you tied them shut with. … Continue reading »

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Talking to myself

Although I have mentioned it before, I’m going to say it again. Don’t forget to scrap about yourself. And when it comes to journaling there are so many avenues you can take. And what to all of us do from time to time? Talk to ourselves. Yeah, you know you do it too. So that … Continue reading »

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Another What the Flick

Using a movie poster as inspiration can provide ideas you may have never thought of before. Below is a layout from WHAT film? Take a guess, let’s see if you are right (Bug you cannot make a guess, you already know.) Surprisingly enough, my layout went in a 180 degree turn from the poster as … Continue reading »

Categories: family, holidays | 2 Comments