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More blogs to visit…

Posted by on July 22, 2013

If you have noticed… we have a link to Scrap The Idea. When you go there you realize it is for the ‘non-digital’ kind of scrapping. Why do we have it? Well, I wanted it on here because it gives me ideas on what I can do digitally. It also gives a lot of pointers that are useful digitally as well as not. And… they point out user groups that meet, how to find them and more.

We have a lot of links to people who display the kits they make. They can be found in the stores as well, but I like going directly to their blogs because I can comment and get feedback on their stuff easier. LilyBelle and Raspberry Road are among two that I have watched for YEARS before we even started this blog stuff. I like the others as well HunnyBee, Kimerick Kreations, MagsGraphics, and the others. I’m not going to link them all because you can see them on the sidebar… but if you know of any others you really like… please put them in the comment. I am always looking for new places to get stuff.

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