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Partly done

Posted by on July 10, 2013

One of the things I have noticed is I do pages in stages.  I have page 6 and 7 sorta done.  Here is page 6:


template: ww_chall_5-23
font: segoe script
color: #6b5a3b


Notice I have the font and color of the font picked out from the previous pages I have done.  I have started some element insertion but not a lot.  And I left the journaling spots there… Page 7 looks a lot like this.  I will probably do the text first and then add more elements as needed to balance it out.  I also do two pages at a time.  These pages will oppose each other in the book… hence I want them to look similar when you open the book to pages 6 & 7.  I also have a tendency to do the same look and feel for many pages if they are all on the same topic.  When I get to camping, the colors and the kit will change.   All camping pages will use the same kit/color until I switch back to regular scouts.  I found for me that it makes the book flow better.  How about you?


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