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To justify or not

Posted by on July 18, 2013

For those who love the look of justified text and are disappointed that it is not included in Paintshop Pro, there is a work around, albeit, a somewhat lengthy one but with a great advantage (spell check). So here is a step by step on how I justify my text in PSP.

1. The first think you need to do is decide what size the journaling space is going to be. If you are using a template with a journaling layer already included you can just use that layer, otherwise, using the rectangle tool, create a box for your journaling. On the layers palette, right-click on the layer and convert to raster. Now left click and hold that layer as you drag it onto the workspace. Now go up to Image>Image Information>Image Information (yes I know I have it twice, but once the dialogue box opens you will want to click on the image information tab). Write down the dimensions (don’t use the pixels but the inches or centimeters).

2. Now open Word and under page layout set up the page size. You will need to customize your size. I add .1″ to the top, left and bottom sides and .2″ to the right side. Set the margins to .1″ for top, left and bottom and .2″ for the right.

3. Under the home tab, choose a font (I prefer a sans-serif such as Century Gothic). Don’t worry about the size just yet.

4. Choose the justified setting and then line spacing set to 1.0 and Remove space after paragraph.

5. Start typing. If you find that your journaling opens a new page, once you finish, highlight and adjust the font size. Word of warning: Try to keep your font size at 10 points or above. Any smaller and it may become illegible when printed. If you have a lot of text and just a small space then you may want to redo step 1 to incorporate more journaling area.

6. Once you have your journaling all set up and spelling errors corrected, save. I save mine as a word document, but you can skip ahead if you don’t want to keep the word document.

7. Save as>pdf. This is the file you are going to want to open in PSP.

8. Open the pdf in PSP and in the PostScript Renderer box set the resolution to 300.

9. Check that the layer is a labeled “Raster” or “Raster 1”. If not you will want to go to layers and promote to layer. With magic wand set to: add>RGB>26>use all layers and contiguous unchecked>feather set to 0>and anti-alias checked, click on the white background and delete.

10. Invert the selection and flood fill with color you want text to be. Deselect.

11. Add drop shadow with these settings: horizontal and vertical, 0>opacity, 100>blur, 2>color (whatever your text color is). Merge visible.

12. Drag the journaling onto your scrapbook page and place.

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