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A little here, a little there, where did that shadow go?

Posted by on January 15, 2014

I know where my boys got their ADD from… Me – their mom.  I have a hard time staying consistent on this blog.  Why?  No clue.  I don’t want to post more on my calendar.  I really ended up not liking it much.  Soooo… how about a wedding album?  I have been using a lot of stuff that Tink has taught me and some tips from Cassel.  I used a template for two pages from Simply Yin.  Usually I do them separately because I can’t find a two page template I like… Yin has a lot I do like.  Here is the beginning of my book (no that is NOT me but a relative):

yin template 204

yin template204
Lisete Ocean elements and paper


Something I have noticed with this book is that I am more aware of shadowing.  I like the looks of the shadows on this one.  Yet I will be messing around with the other pages more.  Maybe I’ll try to keep a copy of the original and what I do to the shadows afterwards.  What I find is that I can’t figure out how best to make the shadows go from top to bottom and look right.  Oh I read the tips out there and I try different things… even change the shadow color.  I think this is just something I will have to keep trying until I get what I like.  Or if you have any websites on shadowing, send them my way.  I’ll be glad to read even more!  Enjoy!

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