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Monthly Archives: February 2014

New Photo to Old with Plug-ins

New photo to old with plug-ins is my favored way of altering a photo. Next time I’ll demonstrate how to do it from PSP. But for now onto making that photo look antique. I used the following plug-in and textures, just click on them to be taken to site: VirtualPhotographer by Optikverve Labs (a free … Continue reading »

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The Golden Ratio

My youngest son took an art class for scouting.  They mentioned the “Golden Ratio” when drawing a boat scene.  It turned out really well.  I had heard about the Golden Ratio a while back but really didn’t pay attention.  I found THIS WEBPAGE about it and liked how they explained it. You’ll usually find the … Continue reading »

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Recoloring Elements for Use on Your Scrapbook Page

Recoloring elements for use on your scrapbook page is a common occurance so following is how I usually recolor mine. I’m going to be using a block from Aprilisa Design’s kit “Bricks and Blocks” which I purchased from the Gotta Pixel store. Starting with the red block (image 1), which is… red, but not very … Continue reading »

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Attention to Details

When I do scrapbooks, I tried to keep a similar color scheme and background theme through out the book.  Sometimes I try something to see how it looks but then get busy and forget it doesn’t ‘fit’.  Particularly if  I know there is a 50% off with a  time limit.  I am suddenly at 11pm … Continue reading »

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Shadow update

There was a comment from Cassel at Cassel Creations Scrapbook Campus on my net shadow post.  Here it is so you don’t have to hunt it down: Cassel If you want to add a shadow on an element like a net, you need to go through a couple of extra steps. Since the shadow would … Continue reading »

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Future World: A trip to Mars and more

Future World: A trip to Mars and more. I admit it. I’m a sucker for virtual reality rides. Mission Space ride is right up my alley. Although it tends to make Pan really queasy. Just like the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Quest did. Now onto the layout itself. I again used one of … Continue reading »

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