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Attention to Details

Posted by on February 7, 2014

When I do scrapbooks, I tried to keep a similar color scheme and background theme through out the book.  Sometimes I try something to see how it looks but then get busy and forget it doesn’t ‘fit’.  Particularly if  I know there is a 50% off with a  time limit.  I am suddenly at 11pm trying to upload all the pages to get the discount.  Do’h.  It happened in this book.  I knew page 8 needed to be changed.  My sister, Tink, even pointed it out to me twice.  What am I talking about… If you look at the previous posts and this picture of page 9…

Page 9, Details of Background

Bradley Hand ITC font


You will see that there is a background to the pages that is very soft and with some texture to it.   Then I created this page:

Page 8, Details of Background

superbladepro – m_coconutice

Yep, page 8 and page 9.  Page 8 has a harshness to it.  The page is nice by itself… don’t get me wrong.  But it is not the right kind of page for this book.  I needed to remove the two wide ribbons across the page.  The detail is wrong for this book.  Did I remember to go back and fix this?  That would be NO.  Sigh.  It looks too harsh for this book when you are glancing through the entire book.  It stands out.  It doesn’t blend.  The ribbon across the top and middle are flat with no texture.  This doesn’t fit in with the look of the other pages.  Either there is a texture or beach scene for the background on the other pages.   For me, a scrapbook should be easy on the eyes and the highlighted items should stand out on the page without distracting from the entire book.  Live and learn.  Have you ever made that mistake?


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