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The Golden Ratio

Posted by on February 13, 2014

My youngest son took an art class for scouting.  They mentioned the “Golden Ratio” when drawing a boat scene.  It turned out really well.  I had heard about the Golden Ratio a while back but really didn’t pay attention.  I found THIS WEBPAGE about it and liked how they explained it.

You’ll usually find the golden ratio depicted as a single large rectangle formed by a square and another rectangle. What’s unique about this is that you can repeat the sequence infinitely and perfectly within each section.

Golden Rectangle Ration from

Golden Rectangle Ration from


Even though I tend to make 12×12 pages, when I look back at what I have done… those that follow the golden ratio are more pleasing to my eye.  Here is an example of it working:

Golden Rule in page layout


So the Golden Ratio can be shown with rectangles or spirals… since this was done with circles… I made the golden ratio show up as a spiral… see it here:

Golden Rule spiral


As you can see, it follows the rule.  And is pleasing to look at… well without the black spiral on it.  Now let’s look at one I made myself years ago.  This is not a bought template but something I tried to put together…

Not the Golden Rule


While there is nothing wrong with the page, it is not as pleasing as the other one.  It has symmetry… It has balance… but it does not follow the golden ratio.  Sticking elements on it won’t fix it.  The main focus are the photos and they needed to be redone in another manner to make it more enjoyable to view.  The nice part of digital scrapbooking is access to so many things that help you learn and use the golden ratio.  My favorite?  Buying templates.  Makes it much easier to follow the Golden Ratio without having to figure it out yourself.  How about you?  Does your favorite pages follow the Golden Ratio?



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