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World Showcase: A Journey Into Variety

Posted by on March 10, 2014
World Showcase: A Journey Into Variety

Template by Simply Yin; Everyday Miracles ©designs by helly

World Showcase: A Journey Into Variety is what my heart desires. I love the different types of food available throughout the world and there is no place closer for trying them out than at the World Showcase. My favorite will always be the Katsura Grill in the Japanese Showcase. And while throughout the U.S., they are called hibachi, in actuality they are teppan tables. Then the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Showcase holds a special spot in my heart as the Princess kept telling Pan he needed to drink more of the Water of Life, LOL.

Now onto scrapbooking. What I really love about this layout is the white space. And to quote Alex White, The Elements of Graphic Design, “Active white space is carefully considered emptiness.” White space can add drama to your layout; it can bring focus to what is most important. To learn more when and how to use white space, I recommend the following articles:

Improve scrapbook page design with white space: 1 layout 3 ways by Debbie Hodge

Designing Your Memories & White Space at The Daily Digi

Embrace the White Space:: A Scrapbooking Tutorial by Els Bestamped

TIP: An over abundance of elements is not necessary. A few well-placed pieces can convey a lot.

Can you see where white space can be a benefit in any of your layouts?

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