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Scrapping is not fast for me…

Posted by on November 3, 2014

That’s right.  We just had Halloween and the pictures sit nicely on my hard drive.  Part of me says I should do it right away… as I have some scout pictures over 2 years old that need to be done because I did not do them right away!  Instead of doing the scrapping right away, I waited.  Now I’m waiting again to do my Spring Break and Scouting and Halloween… why?  Because I entered a contest at Gotta Pixel for Master Scrapper!  Here is the scrap page I did for the first week’s challenge:

elements: aprilisa_HarvestOfMemories

elements: aprilisa_HarvestOfMemories

You had to use items from the Harvest of Memories kit only.  Had to have six pictures.  I did mine on the boys from Christmas in 2007.  It was so much fun making those cookies.  As much fun as we had this Halloween making dry ice bubbles!  You can’t eat the bubbles so maybe the cookies was a bit better. :-)

3 Responses to Scrapping is not fast for me…

  1. pam

    You sound like oldest daughter! She has years of scrapbooking to catch up on… and I haven’t done any for about three years! And all that stuff I bought just sitting.

    Have to get back to it!

    Cool page, by the way! 😀

  2. vwbug

    Thanks for the compliment. Tink’s is much nicer. She just has the ‘touch’. I’m getting better and it shows. I like doing it and that is what is important to me.

    Do you do the ‘real’ pages or digital like me?

  3. pam

    When I do it, I prefer real pages, but that may be because I have several hundred photos packed away that need something done with…

    But now that my photos are digital… I like the photo books shutterfly and others do… just haven’t tried digital scrapbooking.