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Have you taken any pictures?

Posted by on January 8, 2015

Pamibe mentions in the comments that she didn’t take any pictures Christmas day.   That doesn’t mean she has nothing to scrap.  If she has pictures before Christmas or after of the tree or other things around the house, you can use those pictures.  Then for the actually day, just write about what happened.  No picture of the day necessary.  I have done this once or twice where I didn’t take pictures of the actual event.  Luckily I could use pictures I had taken the day before and just write about what happened that day.  I have found it wonderful to go back and read what I wrote.  It brings back the memories much more vividly than if I just tried to remember it on my own.

One Response to Have you taken any pictures?

  1. pam

    That’s a great idea!! I was actually a little sad on the day, which is probably why I didn’t take any pics, but on the whole it was a great season and I did get other pictures, like of the tree, etc… so, a truly wonderful idea, thanks!!