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Time is a wasting

Posted by on August 5, 2015

Months have gone by and nothing was posted.  Why?  Because I was in a slump.  I didn’t like anything I was scrapping.  Why show you stuff I wasn’t happy with and keep it out here for the world to see.  Exactly.  You don’t do that.  Now I’m jumping back on board and ready to learn and go forward.  I just bought over $40 worth of kits and getting ready to start using them!  After that purchase, my sister, Tink, and I were talking about all our kits.  You forget what you have after a while.  I have my folders named after the designer and then the name of the kit.  For example: SilviaRomeo_ABoysLife

Yet, when I started to do the boy scout pages for my boys, I couldn’t remember which kits were for boy scouts.  Then an idea hit me.  I created a folder called BoyScouts.  Then put a shortcut link to each of the kits I considered boy scout kits.  Next I did it for Beach kits.  Then for Camping kits.  Good part… is if I buy another kit or while searching around find another kit that is Beach… I just hope over to the Beach and make a short cut to it.  Enjoy and Keep on Scrapping.

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