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Author Archives: vwbug

World Geography Blog Train

Little late finding out about the train, but it is still going until the end of August.  Go check out the DigiScrap Parade on World Geography by clicking HERE.  I love blog trains for many reasons.  One is that you get a cool kit at the end.  Another is that you get to see so … Continue reading »

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Weekend Contest from Scrapaneers

Howdy!  It’s been fun getting back into the swing of scrapping online.  Bought some cool kits and this morning I woke up to a contest from Scrapaneers!  With two kids and Florida’s tax free weekend for school supplies… I may not have enough time to do this.  I’m certainly going to give it a shot. … Continue reading »

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Time is a wasting

Months have gone by and nothing was posted.  Why?  Because I was in a slump.  I didn’t like anything I was scrapping.  Why show you stuff I wasn’t happy with and keep it out here for the world to see.  Exactly.  You don’t do that.  Now I’m jumping back on board and ready to learn … Continue reading »

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Another post before the end of February

February is almost gone.  I was so busy with the scout scrapbook and all the activities my boys have been involved in… I forgot to write some posts on scrapping.  This is why I don’t join to many scrapbook activities online.  I seldom have enough time right now.  It comes and goes.  Some months are … Continue reading »

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Busy doesn’t explain it

Amazing how time flies by when you are packed with stuff to do and get crazy busy.  I have created and finished a 20 page scrapbook for my Den.  I am into page 14 of my spring break scrapbook and all the other stuff happening in my life keeps me hopping around like a crazy … Continue reading »

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Just getting started is hard

I just got started on a book for my cub scout den.  Twenty pages to do. I have one week.  I have spent a few days pestering everyone to send me pictures of their scout.  I have been drawing different layouts for the pages.  Deciding how to put them in a particular order.  Now it … Continue reading »

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Have you taken any pictures?

Pamibe mentions in the comments that she didn’t take any pictures Christmas day.   That doesn’t mean she has nothing to scrap.  If she has pictures before Christmas or after of the tree or other things around the house, you can use those pictures.  Then for the actually day, just write about what happened.  No … Continue reading »

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Happy 2015!

It is amazing how quickly time passes.  I”‘m happy it is 2015.  Wonder if I’ll have trouble getting my checks right for a while like the last few years.  I bought a special on Groupon for Shutterfly over the Christmas holiday break.  You will see me putting pages out here so I can make that … Continue reading »

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Is anyone else having problems getting scrapping done?

Ok, I can’t seem to get my act together during the holidays to do scrapping!  Saturday we had an activity at the science museum for the boys, then a party in the afternoon.  My oldest had to play drums in the parade on Sunday.  You would think I could put together a quick scrap page … Continue reading »

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Want to make your own cards and envelopes?

It’s a little late to register now, but I’m sure you will still get some good stuff for free – like templates for cards and envelopes!  Cassel at Scrapbook Campus is giving it away.  You just have to join the 12 Days of Christmas event.  It is FREE.  Now you have missed the first couple of … Continue reading »

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