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Calendar was completed…

but the finished product was not that good.  Oh it will work.  It is pictures of my kids.  I just have a long way to go to figure out this whole blended pictures/templates.  Here is one of my best blended pieces –  the top half of the January calendar: This is the best one of … Continue reading »

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Falling behind

When my mom died in September, things sort of fell off my plate.  Including this website.  My scrapbooking.  I even missed a bill or two.  I finally am getting all the pieces put back together and realizing how I need to do these things.  It is my life and I enjoy it.  Hence, in the … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Son

My life has been crazy this year.  It started with me getting PICC line to have antibiotics pumped straight through my heart at the beginning of the year to my mom dying last month.  Twitch twitch. I need to get my eye to stop twitching.  Through it all, I have had my family and friends … Continue reading »

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More of My Mom’s Brag Book

My mom was such a big part of my life.  And you can see from my son’s smile she was a big part of his life as well. Tip: You can put the brag book pages in any order you want.  You do not have to put them in the order they appear in the … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday to my sibling, Buggaboo

Vintage Sweetheart (c)Karen Lewis HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SIBLING. From your “ancient” oldest. At least that is what the Princess and Indy keep telling me. I always thought it was just a cartoon joke, but apparently kids really do say it and soon you will be in the same position with your boys making fun of … Continue reading »

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Magic in the Air

No trip to Disney would be complete without stopping at the Magic Kingdom for photos and rides. And the colors in Connie Prince’s Main Street Magic kit set the mood for the what is taking place. Lots of character pictures and lots of rides. It is great to look back at the kids and see … Continue reading »

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Happy Anniversary Pan

“To the best husband a woman could ever ask for. Your the best thing that has happened to me and I am glad to call it out to the world.” Okay, so now you know how I feel about the man in my life that has been my anchor for the last 24 years. TIP: … Continue reading »

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Partly done

One of the things I have noticed is I do pages in stages.  I have page 6 and 7 sorta done.  Here is page 6:   Notice I have the font and color of the font picked out from the previous pages I have done.  I have started some element insertion but not a lot. … Continue reading »

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Getting the Website going

Hello Everyone. My name is vwbug and I’m addicted to tweaking the website. Yes, I should be making more scrapbook pages… instead… I’m having a blast adding sidebar items, firewalls and more. Hopefully, more posts will be on scrapping very soon! Then my family can go back to wondering how many scrapbooks I can make … Continue reading »

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Working on my scrap book

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be posting about my boys and cub scouts.  I am trying to get a book together of the times the boys spent in cub scouts.  Why?  Because it has been years and I have nothing.  Sad but true.  Lots of pictures, lots of stories and not … Continue reading »

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