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Time is a wasting

Months have gone by and nothing was posted.  Why?  Because I was in a slump.  I didn’t like anything I was scrapping.  Why show you stuff I wasn’t happy with and keep it out here for the world to see.  Exactly.  You don’t do that.  Now I’m jumping back on board and ready to learn … Continue reading »

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On Using Paintshop Pro To Age Photos

On using Paintshop Pro to age photos, I will show you four ways to use PSP’s built in plug-ins to age photos. Before we start please refer to New Photos to Old with Plug-Ins for links to plug-ins and textures, if you have not downloaded them already. Just like we did in the above referenced … Continue reading »

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Look Around

While it may seem silly to take a picture of the top of a garbage bag or half-melted candle, these pictures can still evoke strong memories in the future. Can you remember when garbage bags didn’t have the tie handles? I can. I remember the straps with serrated edges that you tied them shut with. … Continue reading »

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Don’t be afraid

to use a lot of a bright color. Especially if it brings out a spot of color in a photo (Brindel’s orange shirt). It also compliments Nuke’s brown shirt, while the matting is nearly the same color as Milady’s shirt. And because of the dark walls behind my subjects the pictures really stand out against … Continue reading »

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Historically correct?

One of the things we need to be including in our scrapbooking is information about our ancestors. For years I thought our great grandmother immigrated from Sweden. Now it appears it was her father that immigrated and she was born in Mississippi. But that may be incorrect as well. So far no documentation has arisen … Continue reading »

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What to journal

When your a scrapping several pages about one event, you may find that you have run out of things to say. Like in my Georgia aquarium series. On a couple of pages, I will be “journaling” about some of the sea life we had seen. On this page I wrote about the sea urchins Indy … Continue reading »

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Long past? Your past

In your eagerness to scrap those moments of your current life; don’t forget to take the time to scrap those past moments. Old flames, best friends long gone. While they may not still be in your life, they were once a part of it and contributed to who you became. Make sure to include some … Continue reading »

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It’s all in the background work

Sometimes you just want something a little different. In Mode of Operation we used the blending modes on text; in Show me the way, on maps to be used in the background. You can also use it with photos, as seen below. This works especially well with photos that didn’t turn out just as you … Continue reading »

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Bug’s Week 1 of January

Getting a template from “In the Making Design“, I did not add any papers or embellishments… yet… Will do it after I finish the month of January.  Here is Week 1 of my household: template: Inthemaking_P365templateI Text still needs to be added besides just the dates. It also needs to be lined up.  But it … Continue reading »

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A photo manipulation

that’s really kind of neat, especially if there is something or someone within the photo that you want everyone to focus on. Pinoy7 has a lot of photo manipulation tutorials for Paintshop Pro but I think my favorite has to be “The Photo Within“. Test drive this tutorial and see what you think. I used … Continue reading »

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