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Attention to Details

When I do scrapbooks, I tried to keep a similar color scheme and background theme through out the book.  Sometimes I try something to see how it looks but then get busy and forget it doesn’t ‘fit’.  Particularly if  I know there is a 50% off with a  time limit.  I am suddenly at 11pm … Continue reading »

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Tag Your It

We have talked about organizing our photos, but we can also tag them. And why might you want to tag a photo? So that if you are looking for a particular photo you can find it more easily. There are several ways to accomplish this. Today we will go over how you can do it … Continue reading »

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I need a storage unit

I know we have talked about photo organization, at least I thought we had, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. So this is going to be a quick “how I do it”. And just remember you may have a better way, you may prefer to use the software that comes with your camera … Continue reading »

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