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Scripts for Everyday Scrapping

Scripts for everyday scrapping was what I found as I was scrolling through a blog hop and ran across Miggin Brown’s psp site, which offers lots of psp scripts and shapes as well as templates. I have downloaded several of the scripts (the tree above is one) and have found them very easy to work … Continue reading »

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With a Script here and a Script there

Scripts are still somewhat foreign to me.  Odd because I was a computer programmer in 7 computer languages in my ‘previous’ life (before children and becoming a housewife).  Yet, I haven’t had time to sit and really work with them except once.  I need to do it a couple of more times to make it … Continue reading »

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That Script of a Batch

I’m not a script writer and will never claim to be. But PSP allows us non-script writers a change to give it a try and occasionally I have found that it is especially helpful to know a little about it; especially when I am using in it in combination with the batch process. The example … Continue reading »

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Follow the script

Remember that script bar? Now is the time to put it on the toolbar. (I’ve undocked mine for this post, then it is going right back where it belongs). But for now let’s look at what everything does. 1. Name of the selected script; 2. Arrow for selecting script; 3. Run selected script; 4. Edit … Continue reading »

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