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Another post before the end of February

February is almost gone.  I was so busy with the scout scrapbook and all the activities my boys have been involved in… I forgot to write some posts on scrapping.  This is why I don’t join to many scrapbook activities online.  I seldom have enough time right now.  It comes and goes.  Some months are … Continue reading »

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On Using Paintshop Pro To Age Photos

On using Paintshop Pro to age photos, I will show you four ways to use PSP’s built in plug-ins to age photos. Before we start please refer to New Photos to Old with Plug-Ins for links to plug-ins and textures, if you have not downloaded them already. Just like we did in the above referenced … Continue reading »

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Recoloring Elements for Use on Your Scrapbook Page

Recoloring elements for use on your scrapbook page is a common occurance so following is how I usually recolor mine. I’m going to be using a block from Aprilisa Design’s kit “Bricks and Blocks” which I purchased from the Gotta Pixel store. Starting with the red block (image 1), which is… red, but not very … Continue reading »

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Attention to Details

When I do scrapbooks, I tried to keep a similar color scheme and background theme through out the book.  Sometimes I try something to see how it looks but then get busy and forget it doesn’t ‘fit’.  Particularly if  I know there is a 50% off with a  time limit.  I am suddenly at 11pm … Continue reading »

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Another Book to Create

Yep, have not even gotten through the Scout book and here I am on another project.   My Niece-In-Law just got married.  My husband thinks the world of her and so do I… so I’m trying to make a scrapbook for her.  I’m still nervous about putting stuff together for clusters and using all my … Continue reading »

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To justify or not

For those who love the look of justified text and are disappointed that it is not included in Paintshop Pro, there is a work around, albeit, a somewhat lengthy one but with a great advantage (spell check). So here is a step by step on how I justify my text in PSP. 1. The first … Continue reading »

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Getting ideas from others

One of the things I love to do is visit blogs and admire their work. You can ask Tink… I’m not the creative one, she is. I love her work. What I have discovered working with her is that I can use parts and pieces of her ideas and make them into my own. Since … Continue reading »

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Something Scary that wasn’t suppose to be

I couldn’t resist giving Cassel’s Poster Art a try. I found a picture of my boys in scout uniform and thought “I can do this. Doesn’t look that hard.” Baw hahahahaha. I should have known better. Cassel makes everything look easy. Most of the time it works out just fine. But the truth is… I’m … Continue reading »

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Show me the way

The Bug’s question: How to integrate a map into the background (for traveling photos)? If you haven’t done so already, read Mode of Operation. We will be using the same technique here. To find maps for download, just type in “free downloadable maps” in your search engine. Below I will provide links to a few … Continue reading »

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What is that color?

You’re going through your kits and find several which just might fit the bill. Thing is you like the elements from kit 1 and you know the papers just aren’t. But the papers from kit 2 are exactly what you are looking for. This is where the colorize and H/S/L come in. Throughout this demonstration … Continue reading »

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