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RAW Photos and some good advice

RAW Photos. What are they and why do you need them? According to Wikipedia, a RAW image format is akin to the virtual “negative” you get when you have film developed. Raw image files are sometimes called digital negatives, as they fulfill the same role as negatives in film photography: that is, the negative is … Continue reading »

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Drag it then Drop it

Just a short post today. I have been considering how to approach the subject of “drag and drop” when I came across Creation Cassel’s video on it. Since I plan on using the phrase from here on out I would like you to take a moment to watch it. It doesn’t last long. Creation Cassel’s … Continue reading »

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A sharper image

Today’s post is going to short. Bug had asked me about unsharp mask and while I am fully capable of saying what it is, there are more than a few sites that describe in much more detail than I could. The one I recommend is ScanTips. It is detailed enough and yet easy enough for … Continue reading »

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Texting in the Round

Even old folks like me from time to time can learn new tricks. I have always used the floating text when applying with a vector shape. But the Bug (who else) had seen someone use a vector text on a vector shape but didn’t understand it. So after half a night of playing with it, … Continue reading »

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A smidge here & a smudge there

A wee more on cut-outs. The tools: paintbrush and the smudge selection from the tool below the paint brush. Chose your photo and crop to the area you are wanting to use on your scrapbook page. Right click on the layer in the layer palette and promote to layer. Hold down the shift key and … Continue reading »

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That Script of a Batch

I’m not a script writer and will never claim to be. But PSP allows us non-script writers a change to give it a try and occasionally I have found that it is especially helpful to know a little about it; especially when I am using in it in combination with the batch process. The example … Continue reading »

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Follow the script

Remember that script bar? Now is the time to put it on the toolbar. (I’ve undocked mine for this post, then it is going right back where it belongs). But for now let’s look at what everything does. 1. Name of the selected script; 2. Arrow for selecting script; 3. Run selected script; 4. Edit … Continue reading »

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Optimizing your tools

It has now come to the time to discuss how the toolbars can shorten your time when putting together a layout. First things is to customize your toolbars to fit your needs. I don’t recall exactly the basic toolbars, but I believe it is similar to below. We will go to View>Toolbars and pick the … Continue reading »

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Mode of operation & Happy Halloween

Sometimes you find an alpha, frame or element you really like but it just doesn’t work with the background you have chosen. In that case you may want to try out the blending modes. Below are examples of some of the blending modes using the “Bewitched” alpha and dark paper that I used in my … Continue reading »

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A guide line to Alpha

And I don’t mean Centauri, but those cute pre-made alphabets that come with some kits or can be downloaded by themselves. They are fondly referred to as alphas and they are not fonts. They can come as fulls sheets (as shown), individual alphas or both. To use a full sheet, marquee around the tallest character … Continue reading »

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