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Happy Birthday Son

My life has been crazy this year.  It started with me getting PICC line to have antibiotics pumped straight through my heart at the beginning of the year to my mom dying last month.  Twitch twitch. I need to get my eye to stop twitching.  Through it all, I have had my family and friends … Continue reading »

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Learning as I go…

I have been scrapping for a while now.  Yet I still have a lot to learn.  Like the best way to use the scripts I bought from Cassel.  Oh… they are fantastic.  Particularly since my sister has gotten me to rename my scrap pages a particular way… You ready for it?  I name the elements … Continue reading »

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Texting in the Round

Even old folks like me from time to time can learn new tricks. I have always used the floating text when applying with a vector shape. But the Bug (who else) had seen someone use a vector text on a vector shape but didn’t understand it. So after half a night of playing with it, … Continue reading »

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