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Another post before the end of February

February is almost gone.  I was so busy with the scout scrapbook and all the activities my boys have been involved in… I forgot to write some posts on scrapping.  This is why I don’t join to many scrapbook activities online.  I seldom have enough time right now.  It comes and goes.  Some months are … Continue reading »

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Bad Hair Day

Bug’s Question: How do you fix someone’s hair? Me: I’m not a beautician, so I don’t. There are minor fixes you can try, but remember if you really want to have great hair in your picture, have it done beforehand. I’m going to start with a picture of my daughter. Lots of fly away hair. … Continue reading »

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Rule of Thirds

Most of you that use a camera know all about the rule of thirds. For those who don’t take a read at Digital Photography School’s article. But let’s say you have a picture you want to use that is somewhat bland and doesn’t fall into the rule of thirds. What can you do? Crop it, … Continue reading »

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Sweeping up

For this you will need to download the torn paper brushes from deviantArt. I believe they are on page 5. Next go to your “My Documents>My PSP Files>Brushes. Open a new folder in brushes and name it deviantart. Open the torn brush zip you downloaded and select the 4 psp.brush files. Drag them to the … Continue reading »

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An Awarding Experience

I don’t have an award so I will be using a picture of my granddaughter’s Kokeshi doll. Just pretend it’s an award, okay? The first thing we need to do is “cut out” the award from the background. You can find out how to do this from either Change to Target or Smidge Here, Smudge … Continue reading »

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A smidge here & a smudge there

A wee more on cut-outs. The tools: paintbrush and the smudge selection from the tool below the paint brush. Chose your photo and crop to the area you are wanting to use on your scrapbook page. Right click on the layer in the layer palette and promote to layer. Hold down the shift key and … Continue reading »

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Erasing the way

The page at the bottom is what resulted from the Simply Sketchy challenge at Gotta Pixel and hosted by litabells designs. She provides the template and it is up to you to make a page out of it. I really like this one as much because of the pictures as the layout. Who knows when … Continue reading »

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A swirly tale

Before we get started, please take a moment to read Tracey R’s Magic Dust Trails (click on article name), then read the articles she has links to. Now are you ready to get started? Yeah, me neither, LOL. I can’t draw so I’m going to cheat by using a commercial doodle by Acmdesignz that I … Continue reading »

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Lay it down, part 3

Since we have already gone over layer palette, I will just provide a link to “Not quite your standard layer cake” here. And focus on the tools option palette (1) and the tools toolbar (2) since they go hand in hand. Below is the tools toolbar along with a description of each tool. Currently I … Continue reading »

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It’s just a matter of perspective

We’ve gone over straightening, cloning, cut out, but what about perspective? On a previous post I used this picture as one of the examples. Of course, you didn’t see it looking quite like this. Using the straighten tool helps, but the image is still distorted. I did a control z and then clicked on the … Continue reading »

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