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Busy doesn’t explain it

Amazing how time flies by when you are packed with stuff to do and get crazy busy.  I have created and finished a 20 page scrapbook for my Den.  I am into page 14 of my spring break scrapbook and all the other stuff happening in my life keeps me hopping around like a crazy … Continue reading »

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Worked hard and got it done on time

I had the opportunity to get 10 softbound shutterfly books made for my cub scout den.  Same book, printed 10 times.  And CHEAP.  If you are a member of an organization and want a bunch of the same book printed… get in touch with the yearbook department at shutterfly.  Well worth it. I didn’t clean, … Continue reading »

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Attention to Details

When I do scrapbooks, I tried to keep a similar color scheme and background theme through out the book.  Sometimes I try something to see how it looks but then get busy and forget it doesn’t ‘fit’.  Particularly if  I know there is a 50% off with a  time limit.  I am suddenly at 11pm … Continue reading »

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A little here, a little there, where did that shadow go?

I know where my boys got their ADD from… Me – their mom.  I have a hard time staying consistent on this blog.  Why?  No clue.  I don’t want to post more on my calendar.  I really ended up not liking it much.  Soooo… how about a wedding album?  I have been using a lot … Continue reading »

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Another Book to Create

Yep, have not even gotten through the Scout book and here I am on another project.   My Niece-In-Law just got married.  My husband thinks the world of her and so do I… so I’m trying to make a scrapbook for her.  I’m still nervous about putting stuff together for clusters and using all my … Continue reading »

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Shutterfly Deal On Hard Cover Books Good Until July 24th.

Ok, I get deals from them all the time.  Usually they have them for the person getting the email only.  Not this time.  It says you can share it.  I love shutterfly.  I use them a lot for the digital scrapbooks I create.  Right now they have 50% off hard cover books.  Now there are … Continue reading »

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