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Is anyone else having problems getting scrapping done?

Ok, I can’t seem to get my act together during the holidays to do scrapping!  Saturday we had an activity at the science museum for the boys, then a party in the afternoon.  My oldest had to play drums in the parade on Sunday.  You would think I could put together a quick scrap page … Continue reading »

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A few more Spring Break scrapbook pages done

As I continue to watch what is going on in my life, I will continue to chip away at the spring break scrapbook pages.  Nov 4th, the boys had no school.  I was frustrated as I really need to go to work and earn some money… but the school system does not agree with me. … Continue reading »

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Scrapping is not fast for me…

That’s right.  We just had Halloween and the pictures sit nicely on my hard drive.  Part of me says I should do it right away… as I have some scout pictures over 2 years old that need to be done because I did not do them right away!  Instead of doing the scrapping right away, … Continue reading »

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PaintShopPro class worth taking

I’m going to miss it… I’ll be up visiting my mom for my birthday… but you can check it out.   From the email I received from Cassel:   What’s in a title? Whether you are adding a finishing touch to a scrapbook layout, or a signature, or any other graphic project, there are so … Continue reading »

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Still Messing Around with the First 2 Pages

Yep, I have moved the date, changed the size… added the opposing page and changed it many times as well… and then…  I got more pictures.  I love DropBox.  My niece is in the Jersey area and I’m in the Florida area… getting pictures from each other use to be difficult.   Yet, many years … Continue reading »

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More blogs to visit…

If you have noticed… we have a link to Scrap The Idea. When you go there you realize it is for the ‘non-digital’ kind of scrapping. Why do we have it? Well, I wanted it on here because it gives me ideas on what I can do digitally. It also gives a lot of pointers … Continue reading »

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Shutterfly Deal On Hard Cover Books Good Until July 24th.

Ok, I get deals from them all the time.  Usually they have them for the person getting the email only.  Not this time.  It says you can share it.  I love shutterfly.  I use them a lot for the digital scrapbooks I create.  Right now they have 50% off hard cover books.  Now there are … Continue reading »

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Getting ideas from others

One of the things I love to do is visit blogs and admire their work. You can ask Tink… I’m not the creative one, she is. I love her work. What I have discovered working with her is that I can use parts and pieces of her ideas and make them into my own. Since … Continue reading »

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Where do you go to get stuff?

I highly recommend you check out our links on sidebar. Over the next couple of days, I’m going to link to some of these sites. One of the sites I like is The Magnolia Patch. She usually puts together some small kits that are perfect for those one time pages I want to do for … Continue reading »

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